From 6pm on Thursday 16th February,   L&G Home Finance are reducing the rates on their Flexible Lifetime Mortgages. 
All other products not listed below are unaffected by this change. 
The rates will be as follows:
* For existing Flexible, Flexible Plus and Premier Flexible customers with outstanding drawdown facilities, these are the interest rates for any additional drawdowns requested.
When will these changes take effect?
These changes will be implemented from 6pm on Thursday 16th February 2017 and you can view the amended product summaries on their website here from this time.

Pipeline Cases

If you have not yet submitted an application, and the KFI was generated after 2nd February, you don’t need to do anything, L&G will automatically offer on these lower rates when you submit an acceptable case.


However, if the KFI was generated on or before 2nd February, or if you’ve already received an offer, and you’d like L&G to offer a case on these new rates you’ll need to fill out this short online form. You do not need to provide them with a new KFI.


For more information, contact L&G Home Finance on 03330 048444

or the Equity Release Club on 01452 310777.


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