With effect from 6pm on Thursday 11th May 2017 L&G Home Finance are reducing the rates on some of their products. 
L&G Home Finance are reducing their rates on the following products:
The rates will be as follows: 

 * For existing customers with available drawdown facilities, these are the interest rates that would be applicable from 6pm on 11 May 2017. Additional drawdowns are only available on the same product as the initial advance. 



These changes will be implemented from 6pm on Thursday 11 May and you can view the amended product summaries on their website from this time.



If you have not yet submitted an application, the easiest way for you to take advantage of these new interest rates is to generate a new KFI.

However, if you’ve already submitted an application and you’d like L&G to offer the case on one of these new rates, you don't need to provide them with a new KFI. Instead you can fill out this short online form and they will do the rest. You'll need the account number which you will find on the original mortgage offer.

For more information contact L&G Home Finance on 03330 048444
or the Equity Release Club on 01452 310777

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